Friday, July 22, 2011

How Tattoos Work


1 could possibly ask themselves how in the planet does a tattoo stay on your skin forever? I mean, I’m fairly positive that most consumers are conscious that we as human shed are skin all the time. So one could wonder how does the ink from our tattoos by no means fall off as properly. Well in this post I will explain the entire approach of how and why tattoos remain on our skin forever.

First you should know that a tattoo needle punctures you skin up to 50 to 3,00 times a minute when getting a tattoo. The tattoo needle punctures the cells of the dermis which is the second layer of the skin. Our skin consists of three layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissues. The epidermis, is the outer layer of skin that acts as a protective barrier and contains no blood vessels. Below the epidermis, is a thicker layer called dermis and that is where tattoos go.

Since we as humans are constatlly sheding the leading layer of our epidermis, tattoo artists push ink by means of the epidermis and leave it in the dermis. The dermis pretty a lot stays the exact same throughtout our lifetime, hince the reason why tattoos are so permanant.

Nonetheless, there is a science to tattooing, you have to be extra cautious that you only penetrate the skin 1.5 mm. If you go any further than that you will reach the subcutaneous layer and you don’t want to do this. It will additional than likely be extra painful, bleed more and your tattoo will end up getting blurry. Of course there are places on your body that need to have to be penetrated deeper and other places that do not need to be penetrated as deep. A skilled tattoo artist knows the depths and boundaries on how far to penetrate your skin.

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