Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Scratch That Itch


If you region a normal here and I hope you are. You additional than most likely remember me mentioning some thing about your tattoo itching like crazy when it begins to heal. I basically don't know why it itches so blasted a great deal but it does and it is some thing you will have to deal with. Now please don't forget that there are consequences you will have to pay if you decided to go ahead and scratch the darn factor. Those consequences are you will have small white dots all over your tattoo considering that you scratched the ink away. Of course if you get your tat in an region you can't reach so effectively it will drive you crazy for the reason that you cannot reach it but it will also save you from scratching it and ruining it.

So I have a couple of small secrets up me sleeve that I will share with you to relieve the itchiness. Initial you can scratch around the tattoo. That's what I usually did. I would scratch the surrounding area and it seemed to aid. Also you can put some ice on it. I know it may sound strange but it will numb it and you want have the itchy sensation anymore. Also don't be concerned about your clothes rubbing up against your new tat. This will not cause your tattoo to have white spots in it. But it is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothing until it heals all the way. And yes once it heals and the yucky scab falls off it will really feel so super soft. Just remember if you want to maintain it that way, put lotion on it at least as soon as a day.

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