Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tattoo Discrimination

Ok, we all tattoo lovers and people who have tattoos will probably agree with me on this one. Does it seem that lately there are more places forbids tattoos? First, schools, and military and now firefighters. I think we corrected if I'm wrong, but it's not discrimination? Just because someone has a little hell of a lot of ink or ink does not mean you can not work properly.

So, this means that all those tattoos that have broken barriers to make them acceptable now slowly coming back up? I mean, it seems like people are just not getting the whole concept of tattoos and tattooing. But I'm here to say that tattoos have become more popular than ever and people will just have to get over it. However, I feel like someone who was discriminated against because of the tattoo to take a stand and go to court over this, so this is no feeling just will not stop. It is our right as Americans to be able to get a tattoo and to express our selves, and if someone can not deal with it than they've had some serious problems and should put their priories back in order.

I would say to us all the tattoos people have to speak out and stand up for their rights. If someone has a problem with one of your tattoos, that's their problem not yours. Anyway you should not judge a book to cover. Also the speaker mom advice, if you can not say something nice, do not say anything at all.

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