Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All About the Seahorse Tattoo Designs

There is nothing that tattoo, a seahorse tattoo design is particularly interesting. Aquatic themes in tattoo designs are extremely popular. Examples of marine life such as fish, dolphins, whales and seahorses are becoming increasingly popular. These tattoos can symbolize many things, including fertility.

whale and dolphin tattoos have long been a staple of life among seamen. Something about these creatures falls in mystery and legend. Mankind has always been a fascination with the sea. Although whales and dolphins tattoo designs are quite popular, seahorse tattoo designs rank pretty high on the popularity as well.

Seahorse tattoo designs can be very eye and attention grabbing. They are also likely to cause any embarrassment or controversy, unlike some tattoos. This can be an excellent choice for you, especially if you want a socially acceptable tattoo on a visible part of the body. If you are thinking of getting a cold seahorse tattoo on flash to your friends, family or colleagues, or just for your own personal enjoyment, it might be a good idea to know the symbolism behind the idea first, though.

Among women, seahorse tattoo design is often seen as a cute emblem. They are small, but beautiful and perfect that it seems to be a woman feel feminine and sexy. Also, a lot of people, when they saw a seahorse tattoo design, I think a knight in shining armor on horseback. Many women dream like a fairy tale to be saved in this way. So, seahorse tattoo design is sometimes used to denote a woman who is looking for her prince or knight continues. Of course, should a woman find her prince, she will continue to have a seahorse tattoo for years to come.

seahorse tattoo design can be quite small. Many women, especially, like it because it can be placed anywhere on your body and easily hidden. Often seen as a good tattoo for someone who has little free spirit. After all, seahorses swim freely in the ocean, with no worries. If you feel a bit limited by modern society, but were afraid to actively spread your wings, little seahorse tattoo can be a good compromise somewhat rebellious.

Men who sport seahorse tattoo design is often done in order to represent their protectiveness. This is often a symbol worn by a man who is either a father or fatherly considered a guide in one's life. This may stem from the fact that male seahorses, not women, protecting the baby.

Some people choose to get a seahorse tattoo design is the fact that just like water. Whatever your reason for getting one, you will be sure to enjoy having a seahorse tattoo design on a flash with friends and family for years to come.

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